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steb | studio evren başbuğ

Founded in 2012, İzmir based Studio Evren Başbuğ Architects Inc. is providing services for all fields and measures of architecture, urban scale and all disciplines of design. In the studio all design work is developed with a collective process. The young design team forms a critical balance between the experience and the experimental; thus keeping the design mindset fresh at all times.

Museum of Prehistoric Life (Bornova Bornova Yeşilova Neolithic Settlement Visitor Center and Archeological Research Facility) and Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge are among the notable recent works designed by the practice. Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge has received the National Architecture Award for the ‘Buildings’ category in 2018.

Evren Başbuğ (M. Arch.), the co-founder of the office, holds a professional record of 34 national and international architectural competition awards including 4 first prizes and 6 WAF (World Architecture Festival) category nominations. Beside his professional career, Evren Başbuğ teaches as a part-time instructor in İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Architecture. He is also a member of the Architects’ Professional Committee in İzmir Chamber of Commerce.


Single & Social Housing / Museums / Cultural Buildings / Office Buildings / Public Buildings / Administrative Buildings / Commercial Buildings / Education Buildings / Religious Buildings / Recreational Buildings / Tourism Buildings / Healthcare Buildings / Industrial Buildings / Thematic Temporary Structures
Interior Design
Display Areas & Showrooms / Shops & Stores / Fair Stands / Kiosk Designs / Office Spaces / Museum Exhibition Areas
Urban Design
City Squares / Parks & Recreation Areas / Coastlines / Marinas / Urban Transformation Areas / University Campuses / Housing Premises’ / Education & Healthcare & Administrative Campuses / Industrial & Military Area Transformations
Building Surveying / Restitution / Restoration / Natural Protected Areas / Historical Protected Areas / Urban Protected Areas / Archeological Protected Areas
Urban Regeneration
Structural Analysis / Structrual Reinforcement / Urban Regeneration Consultancy
Landscape Design
Botanical Landscape Design / Structural Landscape Design
Master Plans (1/25000, 1/5000) / Implementary Development Plans (1/1000) / Reconstruction Plans / Strategic Regional Development Plans / Tourism Master Plans / Environmental Plans / Partial Development Plans / Partial Development Plan Revisions
Ground Studies & Geological Engineering / Survey Engineering / Infrastructure Engineering / Civil Engineering / Electrical Engineering (Electronic Systems & Automation) / Mechanical Engineering (Climatization & Ventilation & Plumbing & Irrigation & Drainage) / Coastal Engineering
Project Support
Sustainable Building Systems / Lighting / Acoustics / Stage Systems / Fire Prevention Systems / High Buildings / Building Management
Project Management
Cost Management / Quantity Survey / Technical Specifications / Bidding Document / Budget Estimation / Construction Site Management / Progress Payment / Construction Consultancy / Architectural Supervision
Architectural Visualization
Architectural Photography / Architectural Modelling / Photorealistic Architectural Visualization / Animation
Product and Furniture Design
Urban Furniture Design / Fixed & Encastered Furniture Design / Furniture Design / Special Product Design
Visual Communication Design
Naming & Guidance System / Logo Design / Printed Product Graphic Design (Poster & Brochure & Booklet) / Periodical Publication Graphical Design (Magazine & Bulletin)
Corporate Identity Design
Branding Vision / Brand Graphic World / Brand Communication Tone & Strategy / Brand Social Media Management / Brand Website Concept 
Extensive consultancy services within the context of our specialities.


Adana Science and Technology University
Adana Young Businessman Association (AGİAD)
Adıyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Balıkesir Municipality
Baskın Construction
Batıplan Planning Inc.
Beylikdüzü Municipality
Bornova Municipality
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Çanakkale Provincial Special Administration
Directorate of the Battle of Çanakkale and the Gallipoli Historical Site
Çankaya Municipality
Denizli Provincial Special Administration
Edirne Municipality
Efeler Municipality
Egera Construction
Housing Development Administration of Turkey 
İlter Turan & Argun Consultancy Inc.
İnegöl Municipality
İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
İstanbul Metropolitan Planning Agency
İstanbul Museum of Modern Art
İMES Industrial Estate
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality
Karabağlar Municipality
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality
TRNC Ministry of Public Works
Kırşehir Municipality
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality
Konak Municipality
The Foundation for Children with Leukemia (LÖSEV)
Manisa Municipality
Medmar Stone Inc.
Middle East Technical University
Osmangazi Municipality
Regnum Turkey
Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education
Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Soyak Real Estate Investment Trust
Şehitkamil Municipality
Şişli Municipality
Turkish Naval Forces Command
Tepebaşı Municipality
Trabzon Municipality
Türk Telekom Inc.
Uygur Architects
Yükseliş Development Inc.
Zonguldak Municipality


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Evren Başbuğ
Architect, Founding Partner, Creative Director

M.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2003, İstanbul Bilgi Uni. 2009
National Architecture Award 16. Cycle / in Buildings Category
4 First Prizes in National Architectural Competitions
3 Second Prizes, 4 Third Prizes, 9 Honorable Mentions in National Architectural Competitions
8 International Recognitions (Cityscape2006, MIPIM2007, [un]restricted access, WAF2012, WAF2013, WAF2017x2, WAF2018)
‘İzmir Uni. of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts’, Part-Time Studio Instructor
İzmir Chamber of Commerce Member of the Architects’ Professional Committee
Founding Partner of ‘’
Founding Partner of ‘Dist Architects’

Oğuzhan Zeytinoğlu
Lead Architect

B.Arch.; Izmir Inst. of Technology 2015

Oğuz Bodur

B.Arch.; Izmir Inst. of Technology 2017

Elif Geylani

B.Arch.; Izmir Economy Uni. 2017

A. Tamer Başbuğ
Architect, Honorary Partner, Consultant

B.Arch.; ADMMA 1980
15 First Prizes in National Architectural Competitions
Architect of ‘Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Building and ‘Turkish Embassy’ Building in İslamabad, Pakistan
‘Dokuz Eylül Uni. Faculty of Architecture’, Part-Time Studio Instructor
Chairman of ‘Chamber of Architects of Turkey İzmir Branch’ for 3 Terms Between 2002 - 2008
Founding Partner of ‘TH&İDİL Architects’

Rüya İpek Balaban
Architect, PR Manager

MS Arch. & Urban Des.; Rice Uni. 2008, Columbia Uni. 2011

Dilşad Kurtoğlu
Architect, Consultant

M.Arch.; Dokuz Eylül Uni. 2009, Middle East Technical Uni. 2014

Umut Başbuğ

Architect, Consultant

B.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2008

Özcan Kaygısız

Architect, Consultant

B.Arch.; Middle East Technical Uni. 2003

Duygu Kısacık

Architect (09.2017 / 07.2018)


Can Özcan

Lead Architect (12.2013 / 05.2017)


Özlem Arvas

Lead Architect (03.2015 / 03.2016)


Tuba Tuncalı

Lead Architect (08.2013 / 05.2014)


Hüseyin Komşuoğlu

Lead Architect (04.2012 / 07.2013)


İpek Baklacı

Architect (08.2012 / 11.2012)