Bostanlı Sea Square

Jan 28, 2016
Oğuzhan Zeytinoğlu

Bostanlı Sea Square was designed together with Sunset Lounges as the first phase of the application of İzmir’s waterfront regeneration project (İzmirDeniz) which covers the shoreline from Alaybey Naval Yard to Sasalı Natural Wildlife Park.

A true seashore experience allowing a more natural interface with the sea itself, was created by the incurvation of the promenade inland, without hindering its desired continuity along the coast. The artifical hill between the promenade and the paved road was designed to act as both a visual/acoustic barrier and a natural amphitheater. Across the promenade to the shoreside, terraces of stone paved platforms and wooden decks stage the area and a steel arcade stands to segregate the various terraces on the plan layout. Facing south and west, the setup grants the user a public space to escape the turmoil of the urban life and to just be idle. Furthermore, the configuration also allows for outdoor performances and screenings. First of the Sunset Lounges is located across the pedestrian bridge over Bostanlı Canal to the east.
Designed as a plastic architectural element that also provides shade, the arcade invites users to a journey, gathering them from the plaza and driving them all the way to the steps by the sea.