Bostanlı Sea Bath

Aug 11, 2015
Can Özcan

Initiated by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality as a part of “İzmir Coastline Regeneration Project” (İzmir / Sea); partial spot design processes continue, regarding our proposal “Karşıkıyı”. In this context, our proposal for the next focus area after Bostanlı Sunset Lounge,”Bostanlı Sea Bath”, aims to level up the sea coast experience. 

The continuous promenade gets elevated and detached from the sea surface for the only time as manmade layers of the shoreline are “peeled off”. The in-between space revealed by this intervention gets transformed into a beach which will accommodate both sports activities such as beach volleyball and beach football and some recreational activities such as sun bathing and sea bathing. Disadvantages that will emerge as the promenade gets closer to the city traffic will be minimized with an artificial hill which will both serve as a sound / visual barrier and a tribune for the spectacle below.

İzmir reclaims her Mediterranean identity with this urban beach.